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Processing the claim to check manager authorisation and specific workflow rules

Use the claim recently completed to check the workflow heirarchy.

From claimant to manager

Check that the manager shown on the Process screen is the correct line manager for you.

If you have specific authorisation limits for managers check that the correct managers are showing on the Process screen if the claim value is above the immediate line managers authorisation limit then the claim will also go to that line managers manager for secondary authorisation.

If you have any specific rules for authorisation around coding or specific categories make sure the claim contains some of these items and the Process screen will show which claim lines are going to which managers.

Process the claim, ask the manager to login and approve / deny claim lines.

Details on this can be found below.

Authorising a claim

From manager to Finance Team

Approved, processed claim lines will move onto Finance Team if you are using it. To check this either make sure your login has Finance Team access or ask a colleague with that access to log in and check the claim.

At this point you will only see approved lines, you can deny any lines which will move them back to the claimant.

Confirm the denied lines have returned to the claimant and any changes made by the manager have taken effect.

Expense Team

Process the claim moving it onto Expense Team.

Claims at Expense Team are then ready to be added to a finance batch.

Generating a finance or BACS interface file for testing